Who we are - We are a group Chinese, most of us mothers, who love our native country China, as well as our adoptive country USA; who are working during the day, taking care of their families at night; who love to sing and dance, through these activities feeling the closeness to their loved ones in China and having fun; and most of all, the women who want to be part of the community and spread the beautiful Chinese culture.


When we started - We started at the end of March of 2006, the goal was simple at the time - to sing some songs so that we show our children at the Chinese school that we are also involved 


What we have been doing - We get together one hour a week at a dancing studio to practice with dance movements and postures; two hour every other week to work on voice training and practice songs.


Where we have been performing - At the Asian Festive in Worcester, June of 2006; at the Worcester Health center to celebrate the Moon Festival, October of 2006, and most memorable one, at Notre Dame Long Term Care Center, Christmas eve, 2006.


Why do we need support - the fund raised will be used to purchase the traditional Chinese dance costumes, the props, and instruments.

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